Is it bad to drink bad snapple?!

Question: Is it bad to drink bad snapple?
So I had this bottle of snapple that I had in my room for I think two or three weeks now, and I finally drank some of it and it tasted weird. It had dark stuff swirling around in it ( of course I notice this AFTER I drink it... ) and at the moment my throat really burns and my stomach feels weird.



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If the Snapple had been opened before, and especially if it had been sipped, the stuff was most likely mold.

Mold can cause allergic reactions, and of course eating rancid food can make you feel sick.

Mild food poisoning illnesses or allergies often pass just like a cold or fever does.

If you get bad symptoms like high temps, throat swelling, vomiting & diarreah all night or something like that (off chance) then go to the emergency room, but most likely you'll just feel sick a day or two.

Drink plenty of fluids. Fresh ones though this time.

If it was tea, then it was probably tea leaves that were at the bottom of the container.

If it was anything else, then theres no telling what that was.

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