Should bottled water be banned rebuttal and tips (debate)?!

Question: Should bottled water be banned rebuttal and tips (debate)?
i am doing a debate on 'Bottle water should be banned' i am negative so i don't want bottled water to be banned. i really need show good rebuttals on why bottle water shouldn't be banned and some tips so if you know any please help me!! thnx :)


Not bottled in glass but bottle water in plastic should be banned.
One California mayor was able to ban the small bottles from his city.
Reasons for banning are what it does to the eco system.
One example would be that millions of the bottles end up in our rivers and oceans and break up.
In turn, plankton eat small bits, then the fish eat the plankton, then we eat the fish that ate the plankton that ate the plastic( which causes many illnesses including some cancers).
Wouldn't it be ironic if a person that tossed a plastic bottle in a river ended up eating the fish that ended up with the plastic in it's system.
In essence we are poisoning ourselves in more ways then one by buying drinks in plastic( water being the bulk of the plastic).

I'm sorry , I misread your question.
I can only say that you should argue in favor of glass bottles and win the case. You can't win with plastic.
Would you want that for your children?
Go with glass.

Well, generally water bottles should be banned. They are simply atrocious for the environment and they're just not a good way to get way. Your points should be about consumer rights i.e. being able to consume what you want. It's a douchy thing to do but you're on the douchy side. For instance, people were able to drive hummers and very large trucks.
Just to make it clear though, they should be completely banned. When our idiotic politicians learn that the protection of the environment is something that should be addressed it will probably be too late.

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