Addicted to pepsi max !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!

Question: Addicted to pepsi max !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
im not joking i am addicted to pepsi max ..i have a 2litre bottle of pop (pepsi max) everyday sometimes it last antil the next day ...
i dont know how this all started but i dont like coca cola or other fizzy drinks..dont get me wrong if i have to drink another i will but everyone knows i only have pepsi max ...ok before you start a bout the sugar etc pepsi max has like 1% in a 2litre bottle and NO calories my teeth are fine as i look after them ..but i do some what feel rather bloated sometimes ..i don't drink water i know that is bad ,but what can i do ??


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I was too... it has huge amounts of caffeine in it, hence the 'Max', and its that that you are addicted to. Even though it has no sugar in it, it still has harmful levels of acids, which will harm your teeth eventually. I completely understand, though. Pepsi Max is better than Coke, Diet coke, or regular... (though Coke Zero is pretty good!)... so.. its the caffeine thats the problem here.. and the only solution, I'm afraid, is cold turkey...

I would suggest you enjoy or drink so much you never wanna look at it again maybe get yourself tired of it or switch to another caffinatied beverage, other than that willpower will suffice.

start taking heroin instead then youll just spend all your money on that

that sounds like me

hide all the pepsi u have in your house or get your mum or someone else to do it where you wont be able to get to it, lock it and hide the key. DRINK water. you might not have any effect now but if you carry on not drinking then you'll surely become dehyrated and might come out in spots!!! the average amount a person must drink each day is maximum 6 glasses lol (but ok ok.. even i dont do that) just try and drink some water and dont give up pepsi. you could perhaps have one every week and that way you wont get addicted anymore. i know pepsi is not as bad as coca-cola, but just cut down on it! :)

its not hard to figure out what you should do. the only hard thing is doing it! (but it can be done) xD

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