why can't I drink water?!

Question: Why can't I drink water?
Ever since I was younger, I have never been able to drink water. It makes me gag every time. I don't know what it is ?


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ok the last part is a thats wat she sed oppurtunity so im gonna say it right now.... thats wat she sed
and thank you so very much cuz answerng this question got me to level 2

I can't stand the taste of water either, but I love well water. I think, for me, it is the chlorine in the water that makes it so icky. I just bought a brita filter,so we'll see if that makes a difference, You could try one, too. I do like filtered water, and I love putting a splash of lemon or lime in it. It's also good for berries in the bottom of the glass, like blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

I'm exactly the same, everyone thinks i'm weird because i hate water so much and cannot drink it.. Then 2 years ago we had a heatwave (here in greece) and it was like 48 degrees C in the shade! Anyway.. i suddenly had an urgent craving for water! I necked a whole bottle of cold water, felt amazing! and before you couldn't have paid me to do that. I still don't drink it now it was like this one off thing, i had to call my mum to tell her and everything! lol

Try adding a splash of lemon to it. That's what I do. I also add the Crystal Light powder or the Walmart brand - they come in many flavors and are really quite good.

go outside for a long walk
don't come back until you are dying of thirst and then get a nice big glass of water with icecubes...if you still gag then i can't help ya

put lime with it,tastes more pleasant

cuz it isnt tasty ?

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