why does coke put caffeine in there soft drinks?!

Question: Why does coke put caffeine in there soft drinks?

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It's pretty much expected that a soft drink, not just coke but all of them, will includes caffeine and sugar. You don't have to say give me a Coke with caffeine or give me Sprite with caffeine or give me a Mountain Dew with caffeine. Just the brand name alone makes it clear what you're asking for.

It's only when you go outside of these normal parameters and want it decaffeinated or diet that you have to say something extra like Defcaf Coke, Diet Sprite, etc..

Maybe the base definition of a soft drink is a carbonated beverage loaded with caffeine and sugar.

Coke was originally flavored (and caffeinated) by kola nut extract. And it's addictive, so they kept that in the formula even though bitter kola nuts are hardly used anymore.

To addict you but also the world needs caffiene. I am convinced God used it when he created the world.

cuz its addicting and it taste better with it thats y fanta has lost its edge

So people feel the need to drink it, hence more money.

Cause they can't use Coke anymore

To Get the kids high

I think it's so that you'll drink it more.

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