Why do Sodas get less fresh every passage of time after opening the bottle?!

Question: Why do Sodas get less fresh every passage of time after opening the bottle?
At first it taste soo sexy and fresh, but after time passes by Coca cola or pepsi don't taste as good as it was first time... . why? is there any way to make it fresh as new?


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Carbonation gives soft drinks that fresh bubbly taste. The minute you open one the carbonation escapes. The only thing you really can do, is after you open, close it tight. And that only helps for a while.

there is a seal just like in most foods that once you break it starts to slowly decay. its like when you open a bag of chips, the second you do so they start to get stale. the carbonation from the drink leaves every time you open the bottle

the carbonation inthe soda slips out when the seal is broken. The best way to keep it fresh is to close it as tightly as you can, but there's no way to make it fresh again.

Carbon dioxide evaporates. It's the fizz in fizzy water.

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