What are the bad things monster energy drinks can do to your body?!

Question: What are the bad things monster energy drinks can do to your body?

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Monsters are actually not the worse kind of energy drink for you. They do have some bad stuff in them, but they have more vitamins than a lot of other energy drinks. They have a lot of sugar and I think I was once told they can make your blood pressure go up. They also make you crash really hard.

take this however you want

my friends boyfriend is 24 and now paralyzed with tumors on his spinal cord.


Energy drinks that people love. He held a stick and stirred the finished product for a couple years. No health problems prior at all.

At least his work is helping with the medical expenses since he will never walk again.

He only stirred the stuff, while other people drink it like water . . .

Those drinks are fairly new I mean red bull has only been around for less than 15 years so who knows . . .

All energy drinks can actually trigger heart attack and death.
It depend on your body however.

Make you a great big giant fatty.

It can make you feel good.

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