what food/ drinks glow in a blacklight?!

Question: What food/ drinks glow in a blacklight?
I know things like some types of jello glow, and mountain dew..... but what other food will glow in a black light?


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Well I know that if you put Coca-Cola close to a weak black light, it turns a kind of dark green, I'm not sure how well it would work with a stronger one and more distance... Also, saltines are fun, they turn yellow and white, and the salt, because it's clear and crystalline, turns a pinkish purple (Also works with sugar). There is also a food... related... substance called curcumin/turmeric that fluoresces... Lastly ripening bananas apparently turn blue.

As for foods better for PARTIES... All I could suggest, is go with a lot of white, and throw as much tonic water in as many things as you can... Like possibly make Rice Krispies, with tonic water in the marshmallow mix...

aw.... you took mountain dew...... but milk kinda glows....... i'm guessing gummy worms do....water?????.... light lemonade.....

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