Tis the season to drink some Starbucks' holiday coffee?!?!

Question: Tis the season to drink some Starbucks' holiday coffee?!?
I had the peppermint mocha yesterday day and it was amazing! Is the eggnog and gingerbread latte good? And the lady asked if i wanted my peppermint mocha hot or cold...does that mean theres a frappucino version of that helllaaa good stuff?(; Hahaha


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I personally like them all a lot! I am also a big fan of the fall-season ones.
In my experience they can make almost anything into a frappucino, at least my friendly starbucks will! Although, they were probably inquiring as to whether you wanted it iced or not (basically they just put it over ice, it's good this way).
hope i helped!


Luv it! yumm

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