How can I like coffee?!

Question: How can I like coffee?
I started working mornings and feel tired each morning. I have 3 kids and its just crazy each day. But I don't like coffee, coke, Pepsi, or red bull. What else has caffeine??? or do they sell caffeine pills??? or maybe a mild coffee???


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I have found I like store brand coffee better then places like starbucks. So you might want to experiment with different brands. You can also get caffeine from tea it gives you a pick me up and is relaxing at the same time.

Caffeine doesn't really wake you up. It gives a very brief feeling of jitters but you really aren't more awake. Get more sleep - I know - hard with 3 kids.
Caffeine pills can make you sick - trust me.
I like coffee, but for the taste.

Can you drink tea? Because it also contains caffeine. Back to the question I personally think you might want to try mocha (a combination of coffee and chocolate) as starters.

I don't care for coffee either, but the Java Chip blended coffee at Starbucks is so good! You should try that. Also you can get cafinated tea which is great too.

there are light roast coffee that has a light taste.

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