Is Coca Cola Addicting?!

Question: Is Coca Cola Addicting?
i heard that only two people know the recipe, and each only has half. so no one can realy be sure what the full recipe is. so this got me thinking, is it possible that the makers of coca cola have some secret ingredient that is addicting ? do they still use the coca leaf in their recipe? are they responsible for all the drug trafficking in the world?

btw please don't answer caffeine. i need more than that.


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Yes I believe it is and they probably do have some secret chemical crap in it. For years when people where eating fried chicken from the famous fast food killing place people did not know why they had to keep going back to that particular place, then years later it came out that part of their "secret recipe" was all the chemical msg (monosodium glutomate) which was causing people to crave it and can cause havoc in the body. Avoid the cola and drink natural fruit juices, much better for you. Besides, you do not want the carbon dioxide in the bubbles in cola removing your oxygen now do you!

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The reason it is called Coca cola is because it was originally made with Cocaine when it was invented a century ago. Back then cocaine was considered a medicine to make you feel upbeat and was given to everyone including kids and infants as a 'pick me up'. lol
I don;t know what is in it now, but I do know that my Dad likes to use it as an engine cleaner and to clean the grease of his shed floor, so I hate to imagine what it does to our insides when we drink it

Yes and for two reasons, one you know caffeine, and the other is a good ol dose of brain shaking sugar. If there was anything else, anything sinister, it would be very obvious financially.

It does has extract of Coca leaves, but the cocaine is suppose to be removed from it. I think the secret is solved via GC, but it'[s not widely known.

Why not caffeine? For most of the people that drink coke regularly, that is what they are addicted to.

its the caffeine! :)



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