Caffeine Halucination?!

Question: Caffeine Halucination?
I had some caffeine about 5 hours ago. Usually I'm fine but I heard this REALLY weird sound outside, like 4 times. None of my family member's heard it cause they would've woken up. I also just felt really weird. and I'm tired. What could that have been?

And I'm not high lol


Caffeine-induced hallucinations are a known symptom of serious caffeine overdose, as are tiredness and just feeling weird. If you didn't drink much, you may have very low tolerance, deficiencies in your caffeine-breakdown metabolism, or both.

Thankfully, caffeine overdoses are usually self-resolving and only the most severe cases need to go to the hospital. If your heartbeat becomes irregular or breathing becomes very difficult, seriously consider going to the emergency room.…

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