I need a good idea for a company name and slogan for my new energy drink?!

Question: I need a good idea for a company name and slogan for my new energy drink?
I've been saving up some money and I want to get in the energy drink business while it's hot. I'm leaning towards a vagina themed energy drink. I want to stay original while offering the great same taste! So guys I need some ideas for a name and slogan for my new vagina themed energy drink. The only problem is "Red Bull" and "Monster" are already taken.


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Company Name: Beetle Energy Drink Company Limited.
Brand Name: "Beetle"
Slogan : "Beetle restores your energy faster"

The reason I choose Beetle as brand of energy drink because rhinoceros beetle is the strongest animal in the world – it's the only one capable of lifting 850 times their own weight.

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the http://www.articlebiz.com/article/427652…

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The energy drink is overwhelmed with different brands.
Only the brands that got in first survived( like Red Bull)along with a few others.
The rest are struggling.
Right business, but 3 years to late.
You'd be catching the tail end.
Think of something else.
The Slogan can only be
"Goodbye To My Hard Earned Money"

Trust me, I go through every day trying to sell a new olive oil,pasta line or tomato sauce line.
Store are just overwhelmed with this stuff.

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A vagina themed energy drink? How about 'Squirt?'
'...A burst of squirt energy!'

pistol------fire you up!

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