Which energy/sports drink gives the best performance for each category..?!

Question: Which energy/sports drink gives the best performance for each category..?
For an anatomy lab, we had to pick 3 energy/sports drinks and write down their ingredients. Then we had to list them from:
Healthiest to least healthiest
Best to worst: Athletic Training
Best to worst: Athletic performance
Best to worst: Academic performance

My 3 drinks were:
Red Bull
NOS Fruit punch
Fruit punch gatorade

The problem is that I have absolutely no idea on how to tell best from worst on any of these. How am I suppose to know what is best for academic performance? :l
All she gave us was a chart:
Ending; Molecule;
-ose -sugar (carb)
-ase -enzyme (protein)
-ine -amino acid (protein)

Please please please, any help on this at all, or any direction as to where I could go with this would be greatly appreciated, considering that it's due tomorrow. D:


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Wow. Looks like I'm a bit late, huh?

Hope you got an A!

(I would have picked water, milk, and coffee. Much easier.)


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