Chocoholic's .... HOT White Chocolate..?!

Question: Chocoholic's .... HOT White Chocolate..?
as a pose to normal hot choc; is it any good? Not being a lover of milk chocolate my friend LOVES white choc's... My question; what does white HOT choc taste like? I hear its real sweet but does it taste like white choc?? I cant judge as choc's dont appeal. I was hoping to give the 'unusual' gift of white HOT choc but wanted to check with you choc lovers who've tried any... my white choc loving friend has not & has never heard of such a thing


I've had several different experiences with white hot chocolate....

The Options white hot chocolate sachets are no good. It just tastes like sickly hot milk, and it doesn't dissolve properly so it looks like milk with yellow dots floating on the top.

However I've had white hot chocolate at a cafe and it was extremely nice. Unfortunately I can't tell you what brand it was or how they made it but it was all properly dissolved and tasted genuinely like white chocolate.

So in conclusion, avoid the Options one, and scout out for a decent brand. Perhaps search Google for reviews of good white hot choc brands or recipes. I've just done a quick search and people seem to rate Whittards' version.

Me neither, I have never heard such a thing as hot white chocolate. But maybe you can experiment or something. Use white chocolate bars and melt it and add hot water?? LOL. I'm just saying.. :DDD

Never heard about it but I'm sure it has a unique flavor.

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