What makes a cup of coffee a "good" cup of coffee?!

Question: What makes a cup of coffee a "good" cup of coffee?
Now, I know i'm opening myself up here for some serous ridiculing from the coffee gurus, but I'm serous. I have a couple friends that own a shop and started out with D'arte and now serve Madrona. Allllllll tastes to me. I like it, I just don't get how some folks can taste all this amazing diferent flavor and whatnot. Be gentle....


If the Demons (all of you) have placed their devil drug in it, caffeine. You Norm Devils are always inventing new ways to enslave others and enrich yourselves off their misery. You are the offspring of when Satan raped Even. Thus your father is Satan and you do your fathers works.

You know it is true, Devil. If you wish forgiveness, then commit suicide and die now.

It depends what you like, some may like real dark coffee while others prefer quite light blends. Its personal opinion.

Cream and sweetener


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