I drank 2 six packs of monster and...?!

Question: I drank 2 six packs of monster and...?
I drank 2 six packs of monster and I haven't slept since Halloween night.


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ok welll I sugest you try seeing a therapist or doctor since
your daily sleep is important, try having a nice cup of
greentea and clear your system before you rest your mind,

well I really hope I helped you ...enjoy your sleep!

..........................oh yah and 1 more thing,dont forget
to award me 10 points, that way you get 4 points....

well thank you so much and once again let me know if you
get any sleep
xoxoxoxoxoxo from SOCCERKID!

that was quite a while back..!

drink a litre of vodka, that'll offset the caffeine high and reset your metabolism, for sure.

have fun!

You are what you drink, and have become a nocturnal monster.

have a joint it will put you to sleep.

That's the effects of energy drinks!

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