Is hot tea good for you?!

Question: Is hot tea good for you?
I find myself drinking 1-3 cups of hot tea everyday. Usually I drink herbal raspberry caffeine free tea and I put raw sugar in it. Is it good or bad for you? Why? And whats in it?


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Tea is very good and healthy for you.
It's very rich in antioxidants which are very good for your heart and body health.
Here's more info on antioxidants if you're interested in exactly how they're good for you.

Not to mention caffeine free is great and the herbs in the tea are very naturally healthy immune boosters.
I love tea and drink about 2 cups a day myself as well :)

Tea is a good thing not a bad thing. Tea is very healthy. I usually drink lots of tea during winter time. I drink chamomille and sleepy time tea, white tea is good.

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