I was wondering if apple juice will help me I get constopated a lot and need help?!

Question: I was wondering if apple juice will help me I get constopated a lot and need help?
I don't like eny other jucies i don't like fruits or veggies either and iv tried this choclate thing


Constipation is caused by a lack of fibre in your food and also not drinking enough water. So my advice would be to drink more water... not apple juice and increase the amount of fibre through eating more fruit and veges.. even if you don't like them. You could also take psillium husks in water or a commercial product like metamucil. The cheaper and healthier option is to start eating fruit and veges!

Apple juice will actually make things worse.

Good things to help with diarrhea are bananas, rice (white), apples and toast (white) (this is commonly called the BRAT diet to help children with diarrhea). Therefore eating these things will make constipation worse.

You need to consume a lot more fiber every day. In order to do this you should change all of your bread from white to whole grain, your white rice to brown, your white pasta to whole wheat, and eat your potatoes with the skin.

You might also want to limit your dairy intake and see if that helps because some people get constipated from dairy.

You also just need to suck it up and start eating like a healthy adult and that includes a lot of fruit and veggies every day. This is the real world.

You need prunes, figs, dates, or beans. All these are high fiber foods, and will definately help with constipation. Be careful not to eat too many. Just 6 or so or one cup of beans should do it. Or you can buy some "Smooth Move" tea. It works wonders to help with constipation. Find it at health food stores or natural food supermarkets. Good luck.

You should add definatelly loads fruits and veggies to your daily diet. If you don't constopation will be the least bad think will happen to your health.

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