I've been drinking a lot of water lately....?!

Question: I've been drinking a lot of water lately....?
I've been drinking a lot of water lately, and now that i do my stomach seems to be grumbling during class, i know that it clenses your body but is it suppose to grumble? and is it normal?


Drinking a lot of water fills you up for a short period of time. It also stretches your stomach since water is not that light and has a significant amount of weight to it. After the water is absorbed, your stomach remains stretched, that means there's a lot of empty space it in now, therefore it makes you hungry and your stomach is grumbling.

Nothing to worry about, that's normal for what you're doing.
When your stomach "grumbles" like that, it's because of all the material passing through your body. Your body is responding to what it thinks is sustainence like food. But since it is only water you're ingesting, then the body uses up energy thinking it will replenish soon, when all it's really getting is water, which doesn't fill or replenish energy.
That just means that you're sort of sharpening your hunger by only drinking water.

Well if you drink enought water to fill your stomach it stops u from getting hungry so i guess your just hungry ?

yes, if your stomach is empty!

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