If I drink Red Bull once a month, will it be really bad for me?!

Question: If I drink Red Bull once a month, will it be really bad for me?
Just one can a month... I decided for emergencies. I can already tell tomorrow's going to be one :/


Well son, you're drinking a cocktail of chemicals with spooky names and spooky effects in every can of red bull or monster or rock-star you're having. Those things have a lot of chemicals that in long time phase will do some harm to you. I would highly recommend for emergencies like exams, special works and so the 5 hour energy drink. Works very well giving energy and focus and wont do a lot of harm like the energy drinks because it is composed mainly of vitamins and natural recurring ingredients.

Hope it worked!!

My own!! I did in college a work based on energy drinks and its energy output.

I used to drink it once a day, and it became a problem for me.
I don't think once a month is too bad, you may just crash the next day though.

Unless there are 30 "once"s in a month.. you ll be jus fine...

No it won't

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