Ive never tried coffee or tea before?!

Question: Ive never tried coffee or tea before?
Ive never tried coffee or tea before and i wanted to know some stuff. Are tea and coffee addictive? What do they taste like? How should i make them?
I'm thinking of trying them.



well caffeine is addictive no matter what (i wouldnt worry; sugar is also considered to be addictive but people still eat it without bad affects) in my preference tea is betterNone of the ingredients in coffee have been associated with fighting disease or enhancing health. Research is still being carried out on whether the high content of caffeine in coffee is a risk factor or not.Tea contains Tannin and Catechin have been associated with preventing cancer and heart diseases.Tea and coffee are the most popular hot drinks in the world, so it's only natural that there's a big rivalry between the two. When talking about tea, its health benefits are usually mentioned; on the other hand, coffee companies often emphasize the energizing effect that it has. I'm sure you've seen plenty of ads about how antioxidants in the green teas help your body and prevents various illnesses, or how nothing wakes you up in the morning better than a cup of hot coffee. However, let's put all that marketing fluff aside for a bit, and talk about what you prefer!

conasoure of tea and coffee

Don't be scared of them being highly addictive! They are not like heroin. Both of those drinks have caffeine in it (unless it's labeled decaffeinated), but soda has caffeine in it, and so does dark chocolate. You won't get addicted to it if you only have it once in a while. It's actually good for you in small amounts.
Tea is especially great if it's natural herbal tea. It has less caffeine than coffee, and herbs are known for antioxidants and to some extent healing effect.
Won't hurt you! Try different flavors to see what you like. Some like it sweet, bitter, or fruit flavor or other...You can't know until you find out yourself.

Cofee can be adictive non caffinated erbal tea can be realy good for you I'd try camamile tea or Ginger to start with something non caffinated

To make tea:

1 boil some water about as much as can fill the cup you will drink it in

2 pour the water into the cup/ mug

3 put tea pouch in the water with string hanging out

4 wait for 3-4 minutes more if you want strong tea remove pouch and squeeze water in the pouch into cup

5 add milk or sugar if needed

I like chia tea

i can't imagine that you never tried that ! both coffee and tea are my favourite , i drink that everyday ,like water to me. and i think you may need a cooffemaker to helf you , with that you can have coffee easily ,like this one .and you should try them once , you won't disapoint i promise.


Yes both are addicting. Tea is a lot healthier tough I'd go to Starbucks and try their coffee and tea and see which one you like best if you like either one. If you buy coffee at the store it says on the back how to make it (like folgers coffee). Coffee also tastes anlor stronger.


VERY addictive :)

Yes they are, and they taste bad on their own, but no with flavoring added.


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