Are gourmet coffees any better than a jar or can of coffee?!

Question: Are gourmet coffees any better than a jar or can of coffee?
what do you think?really would like to know.thanks.


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Well depends on what you call gourmet? I like the local supermarkets brand in whole beans to grind myself but I also like from time to time some organic shade grown mexican coffee beans from starbucks.

Other little facts,
Black gold. After petroleum, coffee is the second most valuable economic product in the world. Imagine the financial potential of running our cars on coffee grounds.

it’s not just an injustice to your connoisseur taste buds; conventional coffee farming exploits workers and destroys communities in third world countries. On average, 5% of the profits actually make it back to the farmers, who are hungry, underpaid and treated badly. Why do they work on coffee plantations at all? Because in many cases, the plantations own the most fertile land (which was most often acquired unscrupulously) and the local people won’t survive from subsistence farming alone. How can you avoid supporting the cycle of poverty, corruption and injustice? Only buy Fair Trade certified coffee.…

Gourmet coffees tend to be a bit less bitter. The beans are usually more evenly roasted and tend to be higher quality

But, a lot of it is just personal preference.
This is especially true if you're just talking everyday joe made w/ pre-ground coffee in a $10 drip pot then flooded with Coffeemate.

in all honesty, no. the taste are different due to where the beans are grown. Some have flavors and sugars added, some do not. they raise the price as its a "name brand" thing only. instant is made differently because its crystalized. Add your own flavors and sugar and keep the price down.

Having experienced American coffee I shudder to think what they'd consider gourmet coffees.

Anyway, why not try it out and see what you think

They're about the same.

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