What is your favorite kind of soda?!

Question: What is your favorite kind of soda?

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Dr. pepper

Everyone grow up a little.It is prefectly fine to drink soda as long as you drink it in moderation.Look at some of the labels derinks have now.They have a lot of vitamins and other things so atleast there is some nutrition involved.

Anyways I liked the Mr. Green Soda from Sobe,but i think it got taking out.I like the Jolly Rancher soda.Especially the fire cinnamon flavored one.As far as energy drinks go I like Monsters Blue demon.

I dont drink soda at all. The only soda i drink is sprite.

There's nothing better than an ice cold coca cola.



i don't drink soda, it is just empty calories

Ginger Ale, is the only soda I drink!

Coke Zero

Diet Dew


root beer


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