If you mixed Coca-Cola and Pepsi together can cause problems?!

Question: If you mixed Coca-Cola and Pepsi together can cause problems?
Coca got 150 calories.
Pepsi got 140 calories.
is be 290 calories but you put 1/2 of Coca and Pepsi is going divide by 2.
Mixed should get 145 calories. and other nutrition facts as well.
i didn't mixed it and drink it yet but i will.
I like to make a company for Mixed Pepsi and Cola and try go above by my mixed company, there mixed drinks i hear but is this experience going caused problems?
The stock will call 'SMPCI' stands for Super Mixed Pepsi Coke Inc.
like in market.
Coca - 15 a share
Pepsi - 15 a share
Mixed - 95 a share


They would fight in the bottle and it will explode.

okay. let's discect this.
a bottle of coke says 150 cal.
a bottle of pepsi says 140 cal.
to mix these, you use what size of bottle/container? if you plan to pour some coke in the pepsi or some pepsi in the coke? or you pour to an empty bottle of the same size bottle as the coke/pepsi? are they even the same size liter/oz's?
say you take the empty bottle and all three bottles are same size, 2 are full. one of pepsi, one of coke. you fill the empty bottle halfway of coke. and stop. fill the rest with pepsi. it won't have an explosion but it won't double the cal. the substance will contain 145 cal. if it was equally half and half.

Not really

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