Is there a herbal coffee on the market?!

Question: Is there a herbal coffee on the market?

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Yes. They are made with roasted barley, acorns, chicory, figs, and other nuts. The most used ingredients are the barley and chicory.

Various companies make them: Bambu, Postum, Caf Lib, Krakus, etc.
They are instant and all you need to do is boil water and put the heaping spoonful of coffee substitute in the mug of hot water. add cream or milk or honey or brown sugar or sugar sub.

I Like Bambu best - it is made in Switzerland. It tastes like mild coffee but there isn't any buzz or caffeine at all. Each coffee sub has its own list of ingredients. If you are allergic to nuts you shouldn't probably drink the coffee sub. Bambu has a coarse ground batch that you can brew in a coffee maker for a larger group of people.

As we get older we often get too sensitive to caffeine but we want our "hot beverage" these are a great substitute for coffee. Caffeine makes my chest ache! Don't need that!

never heard of any. there might be a flavored coffee with peppermint. they arne't usually called herbal coffees though.

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