Complicated Starbucks carmel order?!

Question: Complicated Starbucks carmel order?
So I want a good mixture of a carmel drink.
Like some people make their mixes so complicated so i wanted to know
what you guys think i should get because i dont like just the carmel latte
It tasted better when my sister order for me a skinny carmel latte with drizzle and some people say like 2 shots of blah blah blah. and then my friend orders like a soy cinnamon dolce latte with blahh blahh balhh. so what should i get but a carmel drink?


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A skinny latte just means they use non-fat milk so if you don't want too much fat in your drink that's what you ask for. When she says 2 shots she probably gets extra shots of the caramel syrup which is why it tastes better or shots could also mean shots of espresso but more espresso means it tastes stronger.

You could try their caramel macchiato. That's pretty good too.

Your question at the end was a bit confusing. Are you asking for a non-caramel drink or a caramel drink? I'll answer both.

Non=Skinny Peppermint Mocha

With= Skinny Two Shot Caramel-Latte with Drizzle and Cinnamon. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied.

a vinilla bean frap

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