how does dragn well tea taste?!

Question: How does dragn well tea taste?
i had a tasting pack, but i didnt really like it and i dont know if not the quality was just bad or i prepared it wrong... so i want to know how it taste to decide if sometime in the future i should give it a try


It's sort of had to describe the exact taste, I can only say that it's the best green tea I ever tasted and it should have a very rich taste and aroma.

The first thing you should check is how you cook it, you should use 60-70C water and steep it for 5-7mins. The second common mistake is water, you should use good clean water. For example the water that I can get through the water plug in my kitchen is not good at all so I usually buy 50-liter bottles of common clean water (not mineral, just a normal drinking water) from one local company. And finally the last thing is tea itself. I don't really know how old it should be to taste bad, for example I have 2008 dragon well and it still tastes great. I guess you can check the look of the tea, if it's brown and doesn't have fresh look, it might be too old. And well, if nothing helps, I guess you are just not a fan of green tea or just dragon well. In this case just move on to some other tea, there are so many types and varieties that you will easily find something that works for you.

Dragonwell Tea is a style of green tea.

It has almost a slight smokey taste, as well as a green tea flavor. If you don't already like green tea, you may not like dragonwell.

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