Is there a such thing as cinnamon tea?!

Question: Is there a such thing as cinnamon tea?
Is there? I think it would taste great. I would like to drink it hot. So if there is where can I buy some?


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I don't know cinnamon tea, but i do know jasmine tea. It's really good, green tea's freshness and nutrients, jasmine's fragrance. Here is the info if you're interested.…

Chai has lots of cinnamon, depending if you make it from scratch or what brand you buy. Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy is super good iced. Necessiteas makes a Carrot Cake tea that has lots of cinnamon...I could seriously good on. There's lots of choices out there. I recommend Good Earth's the most!

Just buy some cinnamon sticks, 2 or so, and put them in a cup of regular tea. Enjoy!



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