What are the best mocktails that are easy to make?!

Question: What are the best mocktails that are easy to make?
I'm having a sleepover on New Year's Eve so I need recipes for mocktails. Since we're underage we can't have alcohol so really this is the closest thing to it. :]


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Shirley Temple: All you need is grenadine and a clear soda (like Sprite, 7-Up, or ginger-ale) and cherries for garnish.

Raspberry or Cranberry Gingerale mixed with Apricot Nectar.
Raspberry Gingerale with Grapefruit juice and kiwi fruitopia
Apple juice and Pepsi cola taste like Rum and coke' '
Pineapple juice and coconut milk
Orange juice and ice cream in a blender - then into a tall glass top with soda water and a straw.

Google Mocktails and there are many recipes.
Egg nog and milk

any kind of margritas are simple to make

shaved ice and the flavoring mixture typically you can pick the mixture up from your local grocery store for about 5-10 bucks

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