How hyper can someone with ADHD get, by drinking an energy drink?!

Question: How hyper can someone with ADHD get, by drinking an energy drink?
How hyper can a someone with ADHD get by drinking an energy drink?, The title says it all.


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Not as much as you might think.

People with true ADHD are helped by stimulants, they help focus their concentration to a point.

For example, ritalin is sometimes prescribed for ADhd and it is a stimulant. Adults with ADHD often use the caffeine in coffee to help them focus.

well there is no exact scale for hyperness... lol but they would not be able to stop talking and saying everything that comes to mind and would fidget and not be able to sit still for one second or listen to more than a sentence without getting distracted.

who did this or is going to?

also: when taking meds for ADHD, all the effects of any drug, energy drinks included, are extremely elevated. so how drunk you get from 4 glasses of wine, a person with adhd gets from 2 or 3. dont use drugs/ energy drinks in general, but especially with ADHD!

They don't, not like you'd expect anyway. Most ADHD medications are stimulants. Folks like you and I would get hyper by taking a stimulant, but kids with ADHD, it's the opposite.

Not very. Caffine makes people with ADD and ADHD calm down, and may even make them tired. It's the opposite effect to what seems to happen to everyone else :)

surprisingly it cases them to mellow out. scientists are studying why that happens as we speak.

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