What does eggnog taste like?!

Question: What does eggnog taste like?
I've never tried it before


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It's good. Go ahead and try it. I've heard some people say it has a 'custard taste' to it (vanilla custard) but not nearly at thick, of course. It is sweet, sometimes there is rum flavoring in it (or real rum if you make it at home) most people blend in some nutmeg which gives it an interesting flavor.

But it is pleasant, and usually very rich - so a little goes a long way.

Try a sip, I'm sure you'll like it. It is a known fact that most people who find they do not like Egg Nog are, in fact, suffering from a major mental illness.

Smooth and creamy with just a hint of vanilla. Depending on the brand it can be just sweet enough or sicky sweet. I like to sprinkle a little nutmeg on top, which of course gives it a slight nutmeg flavor. Again, the brand you get makes a big difference as I've found some brands can be enough to make a first time eggnog drink think all eggnog is disgusting. Prefer Hood eggnog myself.

Course you can make eggnog at home, but if you don't know what you're doing then I wouldn't recommend it.

Some say it is sort of like melted white chocolate to them

Egg nog has its own taste. Real smooth and creamy. I love eggnog but i have to be careful because it is a little rich and i get sick if i drink to much of it i hope this helps go ahead and try it you'll like it

Creamy and thick. Sweet and (usually) alcoholic. Vanilla-pudding-nutmeg-spice.

(Great smell but I'm not really a fan. Too sweet and thick for my taste.)

Plain eggnog is thick, very creamy & very sweet.

You can drink it that way (highly fattening but for those who like rich & creamy, it's heavenly)... but more commonly it is mixed with alcohol to create a punch.

It tastes absolutly posativley disgusting to be honest i dont like any eggs in anything but just scrambled on my plate with a little salt and lots of pepper :)

Like sweetened, melted vanilla ice cream with lots of spice, especially nutmeg.

I don;t like it personally. Tastes like semi rotten milk with apple juice thrown in.

Tastes the way I'd imagine Butt would taste like. Nasty.
But then again there are some people who...:::CENSORED:::

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