Which water do you prefer(VOSS, Fiji, Smart water, tap)?!

Question: Which water do you prefer(VOSS, Fiji, Smart water, tap)?
I personally prefer Fiji. What about you?


I agree with you. Fiji is the best.

When it comes to bottled water, I like Aquafina, but usually wind up buying whatever is cheapest as long as it isn't Dasani (yuck). But the tap water where I live is of decent quality, so that's all I drink at home. I only buy bottled water if I'm out somewhere & didn't bring a reusable bottle or drank it all.

I'll buy Iceland water (or related brand) any time it's available. But I always check the label to see that it actually comes FROM Iceland.

Seriously, Iceland has the best water I've ever had anywhere.

Tap Water is gross.

I drink Fiji water when I wanna splurge and Arrowhead or Nestle brand bottled water any other time. That's what we have out here and the taste is actually decent.

Room temperature tap water.

Aquafina !

Smart water. That little fishy just makes my day ;D

tap water please xx

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