How do you get rid of tea stains at the bottom of porcelain mugs?!

Question: How do you get rid of tea stains at the bottom of porcelain mugs?

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I work at a tea shoppe and we hand wash all our tea cups and tea pots.. sometime there will be a tea stain that you can not wash out with just soap and water. So what we will do is pour about a cap full of bleach in a cup (a little bit more in a pot) and add water... Then let it sit for a little bit. then wipe out and rinse.. this should get rid of it. Sometimes though, it is impossible to get rid of these stains and will be a slight discolor of the cup on a few spots.

I work at a tea shoppe

A dry paste of baking soda will work just fine. Bon Ami will also work, again, dry paste. Dry paste would translate as a very small amount of water (drops) added to make it moist but still crumbly.

Just rub it around with your fingers or a soft cloth or paper towel. Rinse. It also works for those gray streaks on plates from silverware.

retired chef.

How long has the stain been in the mug.Maybe put it under hot water and use bleach and scrub it.Use a sponge or brush and scrub it off.


Then wash with dish soap and very hot water.

dawn and bleach.

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