Does Dasani cause cancer?!

Question: Does Dasani cause cancer?
I heard that the purification process used by Coca-Cola when making Dasani water is carcinogenic and that's why it's banned in the UK.

Is there any truth to this, or is it just a myth? Why don't they sell Dasani in the UK?

Also: Why is it called "Dasani"? Is it latin for anything?



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Well, here are the facts.. Dasani water is not mountain spring water and it is filtered. The process that coca cola used to filter it in the United Kingdom was with a chemical called Bromate. Now this chemical is well yes, a carcinogenic and the levels of Bromate found on a research made to several Dasani water bottles were alarmingly huge compared to the levels that the FDA required. So yes, there might be a link up that people in the UK who drank large amounts of Dasani bottled water ( 3 to 4 bottles a day for a year or more) and had cancer.. might have been caused by that. Let me clear that only in the UK happened that situation. In the US, Canada and Latin America, other non dangerous ways were used in the filtering process. And Dasani was an ''original creation'' not a latin or italian word. It is said that it was chosen when consumer testing showed that the name was relaxing and suggested "pureness" and "replenishment".

Hope it helped!!

I recently made a research on the Dasani Bromate situation and here i am giving out the facts. Also, these guys (URL & their creators) helped…

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