is hot coco bad for you ?!

Question: Is hot coco bad for you ?
its winter and really cold and lately i have been drinking allot of hot coco ...
i was wondering if its bad or has allot of calories ?
i use 100% coco it says on the box coco royal extra dark.. i put some of the powder in a cup then put hot water and a little of 2 % milk then two tsp of Sugar


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Its not that bad for you, you are getting calcium too with the Milk, so it is giving you some nutruients.

Just don't drink too much of it, don't replace it with water. Everything that's too much is bad for us human beings. Even water...if you drink too much water you can get intoxicated. You can drink Tea too you know, i drink tea sometimes when its very cold.

yeah is got alot of sugar, probably some fat. i drink it alot too. it's not gonna do much to me but maybe ti will to you.

It's just like everything else, don't over do it.

it is not bad.

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