Cocacola . .HOW DO YOU MAKE IT?!

Question: Cocacola . .HOW DO YOU MAKE IT?
how do you make COCACOLA DRINK


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No one really knows except for the people who make it. Regular people can't just make "homemade" coca cola.

Carbonated water with sweetener and a flavor syrup.

The recipe for the flavor syrup is a secret known to only two people.

300 table spoons of sugar
1 part rat poisoning
1 part bubbles
1 part bleach
1 part brown dye!!

That stuff cleans pennies and dissolves metal nails!!!

why is it just sooo good!!!!!???

your not supposed to make it
its a national secret
only the coke guy who invented it and obama know

It's a secret recipe

It's a secret. Shhh!

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