is water still water if you add flavor?!

Question: Is water still water if you add flavor?
Im needing to drink a gallon of water every day. Sooo to make it more interesting i bought hawaiian punch singles to go. they are sugar free! can i still count that towards my gallon? If not, then what can i do :( water is yucky!!


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yes its still 'STILL' water its only sparking when it has bubbles lol

About the only medical reason to drink that much water is if you have kidney stones. In that case, you do not want to add something that contains vitamin C. Hawaiian punch contains large doses of vitamin C.

Large doses of vitamin C can cause kidney stones, and it would be strongly contraindicated. Don't do it.

If you are drinking a gallon of water because you think that it will flush out calories, then you do whatever you want, because water only helps you lose weight if it is consumed instead of something with more calories. The idea of flushing out calories is completely false, but it is believable by people who don't know how kidneys actually work.

Without supervision and monitoring by a doctor, this much water risks water intoxication. You won't flush out calories, but you will flush out the electrolyes in your system (sodium, calcium, and potassiumm), leaving you with an imbalance that can cause your heart to stop beating.

Well...water is not yucky when your thirsty!!! yes it's still water but it's not 100% water anymore, it's water with hawaiian punch.

Yes, but it's then called "flavored water".

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