Is Rockstar Punched suppose to be carbonated?!

Question: Is Rockstar Punched suppose to be carbonated?
I was wondering if anyone has ever drunk "Rockstar Punched" It comes in a plastic bottle and I've been drinking Guava and Mango Passion Fruit flavor but I noticed after a while that there was no carbonation. Is it suppose to be like this? Is it a juice or more of a soda? There's no fizz at all but the bottle says carbonated in the ingredients? Anyone know? I could be drinking old flat energy Poison!!


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Yes, it is supposed to be carbonated.…

Yes, it is "lightly carbonated" as per the website and promo info:
"Enjoy this fully refreshing, lightly carbonated beverage super chilled."

The first ingredient in the list is carbonated water.

IT seems hugely popular by everyone who's tried it for the smooth minimal carbonation and extremely fruity taste. I think it's supposed to be very subtle, not like pop.……

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