what's a good drip coffee maker?!

Question: What's a good drip coffee maker?

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Here, I would like to further highlight to you Capresso MT 500 ability in bringing to you a great cup of coffee.
Capresso is pretty bent on capturing the drip filter coffee maker market share, so at any one time, there would be between 4-6 capresso coffee machine targeting consumers looking for drip coffee.

Similar to brewing great espresso at the brew head temperature of 220 F, one would get excellent coffee from a drip coffee maker at between 195 F. However, while all drip coffee makers boast of this capability, there are only a few that can effectively deliver this brew temperature. Most drip machine can only reach 185 F, and of course there are a few "heroes" that exceed our expectations and went beyond 200 F to burn the coffee!

So, if you have a coffee machine that can deliver the brew temperature at the recommended temperature of 195 F, you are assured of good coffee.

Capresso coffee machine other than giving good coffee with their optimum brew temperature of 195 F, they have a solid thermal carafe that can keep your coffee hot for at least 2 hours. And with their cup selections, you can even brew coffee for own consumption and be assured of good coffee for the next few hours...


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