what is your favorite hot drink?!

Question: What is your favorite hot drink?

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hot chocolate with whipped cream

I have several depending on my mood..
hot cocoa (self explaining)

ginger milk... take a mug full of milk.. take a tiny knob of fresh ginger (peeled and chopped) and plop into milk.. heat up both just till almost boiling.. then remove pour into mug and add amount of sugar to taste..

russian tea (not sure if it really is russian), some people call it xmas tea.... its an orange/lemon/cinnamon/apple/clove spiced tea..... you can buy celestial seasoning tea bags already flavored like this.. or just steep your own with these spices and orange/lemon peels and an apple wedge.. or you can make some instant with dry lipton lemon tea.. mix in some lemon and orange tang or koolaid, and add some cinnamon and clove spice and some apple chips.. steep in hot water and yummm!

another hot drink is similar to indian chia tea.... take a regular lipton black tea bag. and steep in hot milk instead of water.. then add a couple dashes of cardomom powder and sugar..

and lastly.. I love hot Dr. Pepper (courtesy of the show Blast from the past)

hot apple cider

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