Do drinks mixed with water still hydrate?!

Question: Do drinks mixed with water still hydrate?
Just wanting to know this. Its a pretty well known fact that people should drink a solid amount of water every day. So I want to know if it has to be pure water to get the desired effect? For instance if I drink 10 glasses of pure water, or 10 glasses of tea/koolaid/etc that I mixed with pure water to make. Is it the same thing or does mixing kill the point?


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Absolutely. The only thing is that Koolaid has a TON of sugar, and tea is a diuretic, so that will drain some liquid out of your system for you. If you really like those things, diluting them is a great way to enjoy the flavor and get the benefit of water. Another great option is to dilute unsweetened juices. You get the flavor, and fewer calories, plus the water benefit.

yes they do

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