Does coffee have calories in it??!

Question: Does coffee have calories in it??
I'm drinking coffee and was sitting here wondering how many calories if any does it have. I don't put sugar in it...sometimes i will put that flavored creamer in it, but hardley any and yea i know that has calories. I was just wondering.




Coffee is almost Zero Calorie
drinkcoffee.jpgAccording to the USDA nutrient database - an 8 ounce cup of coffee (brewed from grounds) has just 2 (yes two) Calories. The calories come from a tiny amount of protein and some mono-unsaturated oils.

The coffee bean has oils in it (which is why a barista often needs to clean their espresso machine to prevent an oily build up). Sometimes a really bad coffee can be due to the oils in it becoming rancid (this often occurs from dark roasts, which cause a subsequent release of oils - if the beans are stored for a long time the oils may go slightly rancid).

So: coffee beans + water = virtually calorie-free.
It's about Milk and Sugar
When we talk about about a coffee high in calories - we are really talking about the additives we put in it. Caffeine is a bitter chemical and products containing caffeine are bitter - so we tend to sweeten them up - with milk, sugar, or syrups.

The larger the drink volume - the more milk you will be getting. With espresso-based drinks (latte, cappuccino) - the amount of water in the drink is minimal (typically 45mls / 1.5 fl. ounces per espresso shot). You do the math: a 16 ounces Grande Latte from Starbucks will have two espresso shots (~ 3 oz) -- that leaves around 13 ounces of milk (depending on how much foam tops the drink) - so there's 198 Calories already (if the milk is 2% reduced fat).

Add in cream, a pump of flavored syrup, and some sugar - and you are in for a very calorie-dense drink - more like sweetened milk than coffee.


On most diets, coffee is allowed because it has no calories. That is, black coffee. As soon as you begin adding other things to coffee, the calories begin to mount. Especially donuts on a plate along side.

Interestingly, adding sweetener or dairy to coffee changes the way your body assimilates it. Best is black as far as your body is concerned.

Also, if you find that the one cup of coffee you just drank is making you jittery, a glass of water can often times help to reduce that wiry feeling.

retired chef.

On Starbucks' web site, plain coffee, no milk, no sugar, is listed as having five calories. Cool huh?
Now, some of those really rich drinks can top off over a thousand.


That an interesting question, i was looking on my coffee container and says it has 5 calories per cup, hope that helps. of course all coffee isn't the same, i am sure that caffinated coffee has lots because how awake you are from drinking it.

My kitchen LOL:)

Probably, but I'll bet it's insignificant. I expect the effect of the caffeine will burn a few anyway.

black coffee has no calories

figure any caloric intake by the additions

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