Pepsi or Coke-which is fattier?!

Question: Pepsi or Coke-which is fattier?
which has more sugar, fat, calories??


Neither of them have any fat or actual sugar. Coke has 39 grams of high fructose corn syrup and Pepsi has 41 grams. Pepsi has a higher calorie content. Honestly, though, it's all semantics. The difference is really minor, so I say go with whichever one tastes better. Or even better, find a cola that has real sugar in it, your body metabolizes it better than HFCS.

coke is, because of all the sugar and the calories it has, both of them has lots of fat but i love them both:)

coke, the normal one has more sugar. but both are bad, opt for diet ones instead :) read the tin

diet pepsi

Pepsi is better for you... and it tastes better!

coke is fattier!

pepsi is better for you! but coke taste nicer:/

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