But it's not FIJI water if it doesn't come from fiji?!

Question: But it's not FIJI water if it doesn't come from fiji?
the Fiji water company just announced that they are not getting water from fiji anymore because of instability in the pacific nation. i started weeping uncontrollably when i read that because its the only common bottled water that's sold in a regular grocery store that's high quality enough for me to drink. how dare they insult their costumers by labeling their water as FIJI water if it's no longer going to come from fiji? what am i supposed to do now? dehydrate? this is a TRAVESTY. if you agree please contact them and let them know that we don't care about the government taxes of the pacific nation! we, the american people, need FIJI water!


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Fiji is the name brand, but they did used to get water from fiji because of it's clean water but now it can't be because the water isn't clean, i would wanna drink that. if we are no longer getting water from fiji, don't you think that the name should be changed?


did you know that there's no such place as "Poland Springs," and that Daswani was repackaging London tap water? They have these things in my house called "Sinks" that provide clean water every time I turn a knob! And it doesn't require fancy plastic packaging and expensive transportation!

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