I had 5 hr energy for the first time yesterday, it tested horrible so i mixed it with hot tea. after two hours?!

Question: I had 5 hr energy for the first time yesterday, it tested horrible so i mixed it with hot tea. after two hours?
i felt really nauseated. I also couldn't sleep. I still feel nauseated a day after (( how can i get rid of this HELP!!!!. do u think too much caffeine is causing this symptoms?? I am not a very big coffee drinker also


Sarah, what just happened here is an overdosing of caffeine. The 5 hour energy drink contains a high amount of caffeine on it ( Whooping 138mg per bottle) and tea by default contains a lot of caffeine ( 20 to 50mg per 8oz) so you received two shots of caffeine with almost 200mg of caffeine thus happening what just happened to you. ( The effect you just had, people who drank two bottles of 5 hour energy drink at the same time or two cans or Monster or Red Bull had also had it) The nausea is a natural response the body does when it received something that is messing up the normal body operation ( By throwing up and getting rid of the problem) It is very common that you've also had a huge headache cause of the high level of caffeine ingested, bitterness, and a lot more. If something similar happens in a future, drink lots of water. When you drink water, you eliminate the chemicals and foreign material throughout urine.

Hope it helped!!

My own! I did a research on energy drinks, soft drinks and their energy output. Also these webpages helped!

this happens to me every single time i drink any energy drink. its too much caffeine for u and it dehydrates you. it does give u a hung over feeling. drink an electrolite drink like gatorade and some h20

It's not the coffee or the caffiene. It's the 5 hour energy drink. Just don't drink it again, people react differently to it.

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