What are the pros and cons of drinking coffee?!

Question: What are the pros and cons of drinking coffee?
I drink it almost everyday, and it is so delicious! Am I going to die soon, or live longer?


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1. Coffee has anti-oxidant contents. Tired of drinking tea for your antioxidant requirements? Well try some brewed coffee for a change as it contains natural anti-oxidants when taken 2 cups a day.

2. It protects you from having type 2 diabetes. Coffee has natural sugar content that makes it more blood sugar friendly. It is advisable though that you put less processed sugar when preparing coffee drinks and consume in small quantities.

3. It helps fight cancer especially colon cancer. As an active antioxidant producer, coffee can help reduce the risk of developing certain cancers.

4. It is a good anti-depressant drink. Drinking coffee can bring mental focus and relaxation. The fresh scent aroma of coffee can calm mood swings and making your brain always alert.

5. Good for the heart. It contains Tannin which promotes good cardiovascular health. In contrary to known effects of coffee to the heart, coffee does not constitute highly on having cardiovascular diseases which medical practitioners had been described. Consuming a small amount of espresso coffee can benefit your heart and found no negative effect.

6. Good for liver therapy as it can prevent the risk of having cirrhosis.

7. Can reduce asthmatic attacks. Coffee has caffeine which helps promotes good respiratory health.


1. Coffee is addictive. Too much consumption of caffeine can cause addiction. Better drink coffee moderately to avoid this habit.

2. It can cause depression and nervousness.

3. It may cause heart damage. Over consumption of coffee can cause panic in heart's regular activity. It can make our heart rate go faster because coffee is a good stimulant.

4. It can cause ulcers. Drinking coffee without taking any solid food can harm your stomach.

If you can analyze the pros and cons of drinking coffee, you can say it is only harmful when consumed high amount of it. So be sure to drink coffee beverages moderately and do not treat it as a hobby drink to get the healthy benefits of it.


Well, it certainly won't do you in. The pros? It tastes great, of course. You just can't compare coffee with cocoa or another hot beverage (sorry Tea). Its a comforting beverage.

Cons? Well, for some us, the caffeine in coffee can contribute to making certain health problems worse or even be the very cause of them. For example, arthritis patients are sometimes told to avoid it-whether it really affects the patient could be up for debate-as with anything. Caffeine can actually make some people nervous, keep them from sleeping well. It can also cause headaches for some. Well-for us all, if we use excessive amounts of it. And of course-it helps to stain your teeth. (Wait an hour after drinking caffeine to brush).

Personally? I've never had decaf, but my mom says its just as good. I plan on trying it out for myself. Right now, I try to limit my coffee to the weekends when I cook up a real breakfast. Try to drink less of it, only when you're really craving it and with anything, drink a lot of water in between. Yes, its good for you-but it also helps to flush the caffeine from your body.

Tastes good.
Gives you energy.
Is a natural laxative.

Energy crash.
Too much can give you a stomach ache.
Is a natural laxative.

This is the best coffee.


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