I'm 13 and I sometimes drink coffee. Will this stop my growth?!

Question: I'm 13 and I sometimes drink coffee. Will this stop my growth?
I don't drink it everyday, and barely 1 per week. Maybe 1-4 times a month? I'm not sure if I stopped growing yet, so will this stop my growth?


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No, but the nose of the person who told you that might start growing.
enjoy your coffee.

Don't worry! Drinking coffee in that quantity will do you no harm at all. Even more, drinking coffee has nothing to do with growth. Such tales are told to children to keep them from drinking coffee. Indeed coffee is not recommended for children since it is highly energizing and can cause sleeplessness, bad mood and such.
You need to know though that you should drink coffee early in the day to let it wear out until the evening when you go to sleep. Also don't drink too much or strong and often.
Take care!

Nope it won't.
But keep your limit the way it is( 1 or 2 a week).
Remember that caffeine is habit forming and you may start drinking more as you get older. If your putting sugar in it, it's bad for your health and teeth as well( but you won't stop growing).
That's an old wives tale.

that is sweet..... i told my girls the same thing
but you really should limit the caffeine intake in a young body. no just from coffee but from all sources. As with most things think moderation -... ....

I started drinking coffee at 8 years old.At your age I drank 3 cups a day.I am 5ft9 my siste was the same and she is 5ft10.Its a lie or a myth.

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