Does Starbucks Doubleshot "expresso and cream" have caffeine?!

Question: Does Starbucks Doubleshot "expresso and cream" have caffeine?
It doesn't look like it does from the nutrition facts, but how can that be since it's coffee??


ALL coffee has caffeine (even decaf), so yes it does. Since coffee naturally varies in caffeine levels, they can't accurately list how much is in any coffee based drink.

Sodas & certain medicines have caffeine added, so they know exactly how much is in them, but coffee can vary from as little as 3-5mg per 6oz cup of decaf all the way to 300-400mg in 6oz of espresso.

Espresso is concentrated coffee, so yes it does. All of the Starbucks Doubleshot products are advertised to give you "a double shot of energy", so they all contain caffeine or guarana and stuff like that.

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