Whys is it bad to drink lots of pop on a hot day?!

Question: Whys is it bad to drink lots of pop on a hot day?
I was talking to my friend and she was complaining about an idiot who had never heard that this was bad so I didn't tell her that I didn't know...


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It can cause dehydration

It's bad to drink lots of pop in general. Soda is just plain bad for your health. That's the only thing I can think of. I certainly wouldn't want to drink it in COLD weather 'cause it's meant to be refreshing and cold... Tell your friend she's weird.

its not bad to drink pop on a hot day but its best to drink
water, its more healthier

the caffeine content dehydrates you which is you should not drink it

Cause it dehydrates you along with the heat

there's nothing wrong with it.

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